Thursday, April 7, 2016

Gray Blogger Responsive Templates

gray color responsive blogger templates

The impression created by the gray color is tranquility, shade and elegant, so if you want to create a blog with the impression of tranquility, shade elegantly below we have set up a number of blogger templates responsive to the main color is gray course combined with some other color that does not even give a dull effect.

In the selection of colors on a blog template, the gray color is combined with a variety of other colors, because there is not contrast colors.

To download gray blogger responsive templates that we shows here you just need to click the title links or the thumbnail image of your selected templates and then we will bring you to the complete pages of this templates, so you can read more information about this template and there also you can found the demo and downloads link for this responsive blogger templates.

The gray color is the color that includes a neutral color that can create a sense of mystery, but also reassuring and induce a feeling of peace. Another impression of gray among others, is an independent and stable, creating an impression of silence and spacious.

If the number of blogger responsive templates with gray color that we show here has not satisfy you, you can try to trace the template with other colors such as brown templates or red color blogger templates.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Brown's Blogger Responsive Templates

brown colour responsive blogger templates

On this page I will show you a variety of template designs for bloggers who use the color brown as the main color and of course all of these templates are blogger template that is responsive so you do not have to worry about cell phone users who will be accessing your blog because the templates are already mobile friendly.

I took all of this brown's responsive blogger templates from various blogger template designer who providing free blogger templates for anyone.

Brown is a neutral color that gives the impression of comfort, confidence and Security settings. Brown also accent the graceful and elegant. Energy from brown color can push one's commitments so expect visitors to your blog will continue to go back and read your articles.

The brown color is one color that contains elements of the earth. The dominance of these colors will give the impression of a warm, cozy and safe. Another plus is the color of chocolate can lead to the impression of a modern, sophisticated and expensive because of its proximity to the gold color.

The brown color can also show friendship, special events, materialistic thinking, reliability, peace, productivity, practical and hard work.

Psychologically brown color will give the impression of a strong and reliable.

If you like the earth colors, you might also want to check green or blue responsive blogger template that we have share before.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Red Responsive Blogger Templates

red responsive blogger templates

Free red responsive blogger templates in many style and column are waiting here for you to use in your blogspot based blog for many variety of themes.

The color red can raise energy, excitement, enthusiasm and optimism. Besides red can also give the impression of sensual and luxurious. From the health side, the color red can increase the speed of the body's blood flow, heart rate and can make us breathe more quickly.

This color can convey a tendency to display images and text are larger and closer. The use of the color red can be annoying when used at larger sizes. Red-suited for the theme that shows courage and liberty of the person, abundant energy is also widely used by car-themed blog, motor vehicles, sports and games.

If viewed from the side of psychology, the color red can stimulate aggression and anger. The red color was also able to improve morale, stimulating energy, and also gives a sense of security. In culinary terms, the color red is used to increase appetite and attract attention.

Negative red is identical with violence and anxiety. To maintain a good balance of red color if combined with a light blue color.

If someone's favorite color red, then usually that person is charismatic, confident, and have the spirit of the high life. They always want the pleasure and really enjoy life.

After reading a little color psychology about red color, do you still want to use red color schemes blogger templates for your blog or you want to use another colors like white or maybe green ?.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Green Responsive Blogger Templates

green responsive blogger templates

A lot of green responsive blogger templates was available here waiting for you to downloads without spending any cent from your pocket because we only show and give links to free responsive blogger templates.

The green color is the color that is synonymous with nature and able to give a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Based on the perspective of psychology green color greatly assist someone in distress situations to be better able to balance the emotions and facilitate transparency in communication.

It is believed to be an effect of relaxation and calming contained in this color. In the field of green design has value because it can give the impression of a fresh and grounded, especially when combined with a dark brown color.

The green color indicates the color of the earth, physical healing, abundance, miracle, plants and trees, fertility, growth, young, material success, renewal, endurance, balance, dependability and friendship.

Green can be used for relaxation, neutralize the eyes, calm the mind and stimulates creativity.

Most enthusiasts green color is a romantic person, like beauty, and also liked the atmosphere of nature. Generally, green enthusiasts happy to get the praise, and also happy to advise others.

For the important things, buff color green has always held principles and have a personality that hard. Buff color green is people who love freedom and full of optimism.

Beside green blogger template, we still have more colors for your blog like blue, white and black colors.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

White Responsive Blogger Templates

white responsive blogger templates

Here you can found free responsive blogger template with main color schemes are white. We have a lot of free white responsive blogger templates because white are one of favorite color used by many blogger template designer.

One of the advantages of white is its ability to help reduce pain. This is because the white color gives the impression of freedom and openness. Shortage of white is that it can give a sense of headaches and eyestrain if the color is too dominating.

For health workers to give the impression of a sterile white. As a pure white color and does not use any mix gives meaning pure and clean. To design a minimalist use of white can be the right choice.

The white color indicates peace, apology, self achievement, spirituality, divinity, virginity or chastity, simplicity, perfection, cleanliness, light, innocence, security and unity. The white color is great for display or emphasize other colors and gives the impression of simplicity and cleanliness.

The white color is categorized as a neutral color. The white color on an object to give effect and tranquility and comfort. But white overload can cause feelings of cold, sterile, rigid and isolated.

In general, fans of the white color is the type of person who is sincere and love peace. In a problem they tend not favoring anyone. Generally they have properties that idealistic and moral. For her honesty is number one.

They always help any person who needs to be helped. They are also easy to make friends in anyone, but only a few friends who were able to become close friends to share.

It was a bit of color psychology that I can give that hopefully can help you decide which blogger template that you will use for your blog.

Happy blogging and you may also consider some other colors such as black or blue, for example, do not be afraid of color because of your blog content is the key.