Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Download Free Johny Ajaib Responsive Blogger Templates

Johny Ajaib Responsive Blogger Templates

Johny ajaib responsive blogger templates is simple and fast loading blogger responsive templates who created by Maskolis. This blogspot templates already using auto read more functions. Come with 1 sidebar on the right and 3 column footer, Johny ajaib templates has implements dynamic tag heading for H1 tag and H2 tag. You can check on the home page and the post page the functions of dynamic tags heading was working correctly, we all know this was good starting for search engine optimizations.

Using grey color as a main color, this free blogspot responsive templates was looking good when combine with red and black color as a seconder colors. On the header besides the blog title we can use 728x90 pixel ads size and in the sidebar this match for placing 300x250 pixel ads.

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Johny Ajaib Responsive Blogger Templates
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