Thursday, August 15, 2013

Download Free RespoAum Blogger Responsive Templates

RespoAum Blogger Responsive Templates

RespoAum blogger responsive templates is fully responsive design blogger template with many features inside like social sharing button, automatic read more, numbered page navigations, threaded comments style (also ready for switch using google+ comments system) and the popular post widget already customized by the designer.

Minimalist style like Incipient responsive template is the idea behind this responsive blogger templates and designed based on white and light brown color make this free responsive template still look elegant.

The main attentions when I check this templates tag heading is on the main page I can't found H1 tag and when I check the post page, the designer make H1 tag on social sharing sections, if you care about on page SEO but you still want to use RespoAum responsive blogger templates for your blog, you must do some some change on this parts.

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RespoAum Blogger Responsive Templates
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